Tuesday, December 20, 2011

IB Organic Chemistry

Some of what I've done tonight:

Naming organic compounds

Going through the mechanisms of substitution reactions 

Trying to memorize reaction pathways

00:32, only two more HL topics to get through... Fun. 

Monday, December 19, 2011

Rainy Days

Click "HYPE" if you like my look please! (:

It's been eight months

Its been eight months since I last wrote, I honestly couldn't even remember if I had written here in English or Swedish!
I've been busy with school and it honestly doesn't feel worth writing when no one reads but I'm going to try to change that. I was inspired by some super successful blogs written by girls who are younger than me! I don't expect to ever became a big blogger or anything but it would be kind of fun to have a couple of readers so I've decided to put some effort in.
I'm going to write about things that I like reading about and things that lead me to randomly stumble upon other blogs:
  • IB work (yeah, what a bore, but it's pretty much my life)
  • Photoshop tutorials (I feel like I have learnt so much recently and it's thanks to so many people sharing on their blogs!)
  • Fashion (I've also started posting on lookbook.nu again)
  • Anything else that catches my interest ;) 
I have a huuuuge IB chemistry test tomorrow though (Last topic, organic chem!) so I have to go learn now!!
I might post some photos later on tonight if I find my hard drive (:

Thursday, April 21, 2011


I've passed most of the night now, I'm going to add some photos to my "inspiration" page before getting some rest and then hitting the books, here are some of the photos I'm going to add:

xx. Jojo

the last few months in photos

Ice on the lake outside school, supposedly it only freezes once every 10-15 years but this is the second year in a row it's frozen...

Goofing off with my younger sister, she got to pick my outfit... (:

Spring in Barcelona, one of the first places I've traveled to in Europe, it's beautiful!

More pictures some other day (:
xx. Jojo

Obsessions & sleepless nights

It's 2.51am and I've been in bed, trying to fall asleep, for almost three hours now. Suffice to say, it doesn't look like that's going to happen. It's because I'm thinking too much, I've gotten used to lying awake for an hour or so because I can't clear my head but this is extreme, either way I may as well do something semi-productive with my time, so I'm here.
If anyone actually follows my blog (I don't expect anyone does) you will have realized that my blogging comes in waves, that's because I obsess, some days/weeks it's googling wedding pictures, other times window shopping online and sometimes it's this blog. I recon I should train myself to obsess over more productive pastimes and I have in the past but living in Sweden seems to heighten my already disturbing procrastination. Maybe it's not Sweden maybe it's just that I'm at that age, it doesn't really matter why I suppose, I just need to find a way to focus when I need to and to completely clear my head when I need to.
It's 3am now and I can't sleep all day tomorrow so there isn't much of a point going back to bed, I think I'll update the blog, share some pictures from the past months, maybe share some of my latest obsessions.
xx. Jojo

Sunday, March 6, 2011


It's been a chill weekend here at school, we watched Black Swan which is Amazing! Really strange but truly amazing. We also watched Letters to Juliet, a great feel good movie! As well as going nostalgic with The Last Airbender and Sky High. (:
Today I was woken up by the pitter patter of rocks against my window! After brunch I went for a walk on the lake and also up on the mountain behind school, I'll share some pictures later today.

xx. Jojo

Friday, February 18, 2011


Break hasn't been what I expected, haven't blogged at all, broke my camera, and still have studying to catch up on... Honestly I'm not really in the mood to write right now either but it feels slightly productive so here I am.

 Some photos from our weekend in Grebbestad


Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I was looking around online today and happened upon some adorable pictures of kids. These creative photos really capture the innocence, playfulness and creativity of kids!

The last four pictures were taken by Jason Lee, a wedding photographer, and depict his own two daughters, Kristin and Kayla, see more incredible photos of these girls on his blog dedicated to them http://kristinandkayla.blogspot.com/

xx. Jojo

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I am SO tired of the snow and the cold!!
I need it to be summer already, I seriously cannot comprehend how people live with this every year for their whole lives! Sure it's pretty at first, but we don't even have that anymore, everything's just soggy and gray and it's getting borderline depressing!

Found these pics online, they make the weather a little more bearable but also make me even sadder since it's not nearly that pretty here...
I say either be COLD or WARM (preferably warm) not some soggy in between state...


Monday, January 31, 2011

Evelanna Mode

The internet is about to turn off so I'll make it quick.
Had a pretty chill day, got back to school tonight, did some homework, thought about my extended essay and took a shower. I'm already looking forward to next weekend when I'll be going to Copenhagen with my mom where we'll be looking at F/W 2011 lines that my mom might sell in her boutique...

Pictures I took of my moms store Evelanna Mode this weekend...
The clothes aren't really my style but she has lots of beautiful jewelry
so check it out if you're ever in Gothenburg!

xx. Jojo